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Frontier Nursing University ADN Bridge Class 138...anyone??


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I am working on my application for the June 2015 bound, Bridge class 138 at Frontier Nursing University. Is there anyone out there doing the same?

The school is switching over to electronic applications through NursingCAS. I am finding the instructions on the Frontier website confusing. There are steps to do things in paper and electronic format. I called and was told that for this 138 class that all is online now. So now I'm trying to weed through the conflicting Frontier instructions and decide what is something I'm truly supposed to do.

This is a huge bummer as I've already given my references their paper forms and they are mailing them back. I've also already gotten/paid for my official transcripts to put in my packet to send to the school.

On the nursingcas site it still says I have to send in my transcripts but the school is saying it is through the nursingcas site. Anyone else going through the new electronic process that can shed some light on this? I don't want to call the school again as I felt like I was bothering them. I'm also seeing some conflicting info on the application fee amounts. Do I still send money to the school or am I paying through NursingCAS? Thank you so much for you input!!


Specializes in ED, SANE, PACU, LDR. Has 10 years experience.

i applied for class 136.

Did you have to use NursingCAS.org for any part of your app process?