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Is anyone familiar with the Front Range Community College ADN program at the Westminster campus? I am going to be starting my nursing pre-reqs in January and am debating between going for my BSN or my ADN. I already have a BA and an MS, so I'm leaning toward the thought that rushing for another BS is not a priority. And quite frankly, FRCC doesn't hurt the bank account as much. Anyway, if you're familiar with FRCC's program, can you help me with the following?:

1) Are classes set up to cater to students who work full time? That is, can I complete the program at night and on weekends?

2) Does FRCC Westminster have a waitlist based on first come first serve, or is it competitive?

3) What are your thoughts on getting an ADN vs a BSN right away, especially in light of the fact that I already have two degrees?

My back up plan is Regis' BSN program that allows you to work full time & complete the program. Ideal, of course, but way more expensive.

Thank you in advance!


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First off this is great school I am a current student there with two semesters left and I love it.

1. School is all day almost 5 days a week so you will not be able to take class at night and plus it is pretty intensive I worked the first semester a little but I did not work at all second semester.

2. There is a wait list and I believe that you have to complete all of the pre-reqs before you can put your name on. There is no competition if you complete it then you are on the list no matter what. I waited 5 years to get in but it was worth it to me for the money. I am only paying 2200 a semester for tuition! It is such a deal that it was worth the wait.

3. Colorado only pays 1 dollar more an hour for a BSN. If you are interested in managment or something very specialized you may need to get the BSN. I have chosen this just to get out there and working and decide at a later date if I want a bachelors.

Good luck on making your decision and congratualtion on entering a great field!

Specializes in Future: Forensic/Legal Nurse Consulting.

Hi Peeker19 -

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad you're enjoying the program, I must say that I'm pretty jealous! ;-) It's a bummer for me that it's a full time program, looks like I might end up having to shell out $40,000 for Regis if it means being able to keep my job. I'm also not in a position to wait 5 years. Bummer for me, but again, I'm really glad it's working out for you! Best of luck!

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