From OB to Dialysis????


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I've been an OB/L&D nurse for 12 years. My current L&D job is 1 hour away. Due to rising gasoline costs, I really need to change jobs. However, I live in a small town and the choices are limited. Currently there is an opening for an outpatient dialysis RN with Fresenius. My good friend works nights there and has been begging me for a couple of years to work with her (I'd be days). It's only 8 miles from my house! Pay's a little lower but at gas prices....... Anyway, my question is, has anyone made the switch from OB to dialysis. Although I don't have a med/surg background, I certainly can deal with fast past and the unexpected when necessary (you L&D RN's know what I mean). Some advice please!!!!:bowingpur


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in the nursing specialty forum, there is a similat thread. hope u get what u r looking for.


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That is quite a switch......I commend you on your willingness to be flexible!!

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