From M/S Ortho to ED...with apprehension!


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I have nearly three years of experience on a non-monitored M/S ortho unit, but I REALLY want to transition to an ED. I interviewed for a full-time position in an ED this week and it went really well. I am REALLY bored on my current unit and I consider the ED to be fast-paced and a much more valuable skill set to possess. However, I do not possess ACLS or PALS, but, if I am offered the position, I have to earn these certifications. The problem is that I wasn't very good at rhythms, etc. during my diploma program. Any word sof advice or encouragement would be awesome! Thanks! I KNOW that I am capable - I earned my BSN right after finishing my diploma and I am one term away from finishing my MPH - but I am afraid to get in over my head! : )