From hospital to Hospice - any words of wisdom?


I am an RN - I have been working on a Cardiac step-down unit for 1yr in this role. 7ys on the same floor as a Telemetry monitor tech/Unit secretary. I have just decided to take a weekend on call position with a Hospice company. This is a huge change.

1) I am scared that i may not be able to handle the craziness of the weekend on-call when it gets really busy.

2) I am scared about middle of the night visits in dark, scary areas, because i am already kind of afraid of the dark - and mainly of people in the bushes.

3) The pay is nothing in comparison to what weekend pay at the hospital would be... and the hospital wouldnt even be on call...

I am worried that i may be making the wrong decision. I am keeping my job 1-2 days a week at the hospital in order to continue to gain experience and to prevent narrowing my marketability for the future.