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I recently had a friend tell me that he hospice only requires a RN to visit /assess one time per month. LPN's can do all the other visits. My hospice says that medicare requires a RN to do a assessment on a patient every 14 days. Does anyone know the rule? I looked on medicare site under the COP's but couldnt find it?

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It is in the COPs. An RN must visit once every 14 days.

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yup, once in 14 days --some times we have new pts who still do well and they only get a visit q14 days (however they usually decline fast and go on a every week schedule with in a month or 2)


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The Medicare rule is RN every 14 days. In my area, most of the hospices generally have RNCM see their patients at least 2x/wk. LPN's are used only in a pinch.