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FRCC Larimer Spring 2021

by carc1536 carc1536 (New) New Student

Hello! Is anyone else applying for front range community college fort Collins ADN program with the Spring 2021 start? I got a 3.7 GPA in the pre recs and I'm taking the HESI soon. Overall, I'm very nervous about the application! Anyone know what it takes on the point sheet to get in? What HESI scores/GPA have people been getting?


Update: I scored mid 90s on the HESI and will have 92/100 points for the application

I've applied three times now, the first two being rejections with a 3.5, 90 on the HESI, resident of the county and the bonus points for A&P II.  I didn't have the bonus biology points, though.  I do now.  If I don't get in, I'm actively enrolled in a CNA course/Intro to Statistics and I am just going to apply to Greeley.

Based on my rejection, anything below a 4.0 seems like a big ol' albatross, but I am not paying 800 bucks to take English Comp I again because I got a B when I was a drunkard in his early twenties.

I have 87/100 for this recent application.  We'll see, you beat me, so Mazel tov.

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Didn't get in, but I hope you did.

Did you get in? I just applied and trying to judge scores and such.

Hey, snipermedic91, if you don't mind me asking, what are your aggregate scores? I'm applying with the same 90 HESI as I mentioned above, but I took stats and comp I (for an A this time, LOL) to apply to Greeley, so my application is at about 90 points.

I wish you luck on getting in.

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Hi, smokebreaks, I got a 90 on the HESI too. My total ranking points are 90.48/100 😬😬😬 hoping it's competitive enough!

Good luck to you too!