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I have a background in cardiac ICU nursing and had originally started going to NP school for AGACNP. During the first two semesters I subspecialized in advanced forensic nursing,  and later got a job at my local crisis center as a sexual assault nurse examiner. I'm hooked! I used to think critical care was the end all be all, but now I find myself buying and studying all the forensic nursing books I can find and losing interest in the ICU. I am able to change my specialty and would not need to retake any classes to do so, but I'm torn between FNP vs PMHNP. I think both would have opportunities to pursue forensics with both, but wanting a little objective advice. What specialty would you suggest and why? Thanks in advance!

I think that depends on what your ultimate goal is. Spending the time and money on furthering your education is such a personal choice. I can appreciate wanting some opinions though. If your passion is forensics have you looked into getting your Masters in that area of study? If not, I would do some research into that as well. If not, then I personally would go with FNP if FNP vs PMHNP were my only two options. That's just my personal opinion. This is of course not objective since it's opinion, but if you're looking for objective data on which is better, I'm sure some research will turn up what you're looking for, or at least some numbers to go by ?


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