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Forensic Nursing in Ontario

nyletak nyletak (New) New

Hey everyone,

I was accepted to an accelerated nursing program in Ontario. I've been trying to figure out what aspects of nursing I would be interested in working in. Forensic nursing is definitely on the top of my list. I always wanted to be a CSI or something similar when I was growing up, so I think forensic nursing would be the perfect fit for me. I've researched a lot of what this job entails, and I think I could do it.

However, whenever I google it, I always see talk about forensic nurses in the states. So I guess my question is, how rare is it to have forensic nursing jobs in Canada (more specifically, Ontario)? I looked at job postings and found some in my city, but it looks like a lot of previous experience is required. I know the job market is awful right now, so I'm wondering if I go and get all the extra qualifications that I need for forensics, if I would even be able to get a job?

I posted this here vs. the forensic forum because I feel like most posters there are from the states, but feel free to move it if you'd like, mods!

Regarding information, have you looked at CAMH's website? If not, look at CAMH The Forensic Mental Health System in Ontario information guide and the related information in the links on the sidebar. Also, watch Canadian documentaries on mental illness and violence, such as CBC's doczone NCR: Not Criminally Responsible.

Regarding jobs, do you have experience volunteering with people with mental illness? If not, volunteering may help you to gain a better understanding of the field and whether or not you are suited to work in it.

I think it depends on where in Ontario you are. Look up waypoint centre for mental health care, it is a large forensic centre for the criminally irresponsible.

@nyletak what is your understanding of forensic nursing in Ontario? Is it forensic mental health nursing? There is another type of forensic nursing which is sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE). In Ontario nurses are not CSIs, people who have careers as CSIs have undergrad degrees in forensics not nursing.


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