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Foreign RN to pursue BS in USA and Other Matters of Inquiry - Please Help

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Hello Friends, Greetings !

I have completed my nursing course (GNM- General Nursing and Midwifery) in India and as per Indian nursing course standard I'm a Registered Nurse in India.The course duration was 3 and one-half years.

Currently I'm in the USA on a dependent Visa and I would like to continue my schooling to earn a BS in Nursing in the USA. What are the minimum qualifications required to study a BS in Nursing in the USA ? How can I go about it ? I would like to contine the study.

Any suggestions on whom I should approach to find out what is the equivalent of my GNM degree in India in the US? Do I need to take the NCLEX exam/ TOEFL /IELTS? Do I need to have a state license? If so, what would be procedure to apply for the RN license?

I would appreciate your assistance on this....Thank you in advance !

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