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Foreign Medical School or American Nursing School?

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I am finishing high school. I have finished a course at a community college near me to become a nurse's aid. I am a male. I have American and Irish citizenship. I am debating about what to do after I finish high school. I can major in nursing and keep living in the united states. My other option is I can go to medical school in Ireland or the United Kingdom for not very much money since I am a citizen. Medical school there takes four to six years (usually five). Most people start when they are about 18 or 19 years old. I have lots of family living there. I have done some research on my options. I am worried that if I were to go to medical school in Europe, I would have trouble getting an internship or residency in America. I have heard it is difficult for people who go to medical school abroad to get into more competitive specialties or get jobs in big cities. I am also worried I would be unable to take the stress of working endless hours as a resident. Most of my family members are nurses or therapists, so I know what I am getting myself into. I really do not want to be a "workaholic". I recently heard of a couple programs in New York, where you get a bachelor's degree in physician assistant studies. Would that be a good option to consider also? I thought you needed a a masters to be a PA, but I could be wrong.

If you have any advice, tips, input, or ideas I would be delighted.

Thank You.


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shadow some doctors and some nurses. having a family member who's a nurse does not mean you know what it's all about. at the most basic level nursing is caring for a patient by following physician orders, but we assess, intervene within our scope of practice, educate, comfort, and shovel poop. (it rolls downhill, remember?) a quick perusal on this forum should give you an idea. physicians are responsible for creating a plan of care for the patient-prescribing drugs or treatments. your day to day will be completely different with one or trhe other. crying baby-more later