For those of us just starting a new LNC business

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Hello fellow LNCs!

Just wanted to start a new thread for those just starting their new LNC business. Would like to hear tips that are working for you, business advice, where you got your training, things like that.

I had started my own firm, but went to work for the big oil spill. Now I'm back home and am re-doing the web site, my 30 second elevator speech. Planning outings to ride up and down the elevators in the law office buildings, etc.

Developing new cards, changed the name of it, and trying to figure out a logo. Are any of you using the marketing companies out there that have package deals? How about a professional web designer? What is your specialty?

Please share whatever you'd like to, it's not like we will be competiting with each other in this whole big world.

I looked at many many many LNC websites to see what theirs look like. I once had 28 windows open on my computer screen! They go from the simple to the sublime! I'd like to also hear from a few nurse attorneys, what they look for, how can we best serve them how we can effectively market ourselves to get cases. What do they look for when they need us?

I also want to publicly thank Siri for all her help.

Have any of you developed your business to a point that you can quit your day job? How about a marketing or business plan? Know of any grants available?

Thank you in advance, Good luck to all and let the sharing begin!


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