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For Nursing students at Georgia State,Georgia Regents, OR GPC


Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and so excited I found this site as it seems so informative and helpful. I am a pre nursing student currently finishing up my pre-reqs at GPC. All of the classes I have left are Sciences and Math (6 to be exact). This fall semester I was planning on taking my Human Develpment again (PYSC 2103) because when I took it back in 2007, I got a D unfortunately. My questions to you current nursing students or pre nursing who have already applied to Nursing, Do you think its good Im retaking this specific class or is it a waste? May I ask all of the pre-req's you have take to be able to apply to the nursing programs? I planned to transfer once I completed them to Georgia State or Georgia Regents Unviersity in Athens, also GPC nursing program as a backup. Any advice? Guidance? Would be greatly appreciated. I just want to make sure I am heading in the right direction with what I should be taking to apply. Im very excited and nursing but Im almost there!

I'm from Virginia, and the prereqs I have to take before applying to nursing school are: anatomy &physiology, algebra, English, psychology and college success. I'm also taking a CNA course as I'm going through nursing school, just to get comfortable with the hospital setting.