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Hello everyone. Just had a question for ya'll. I am in Alabama. I have been a nurse for a year, and am currently a psych nurse. I am hoping to start ADN-BSN program in the Spring, but am planning to pursue MSN eventually. I precepted in ICU and I would like to get back to critical care or ER nursing, and hopefully eventually work in ER as an NP. My question is, I have seen conflicting opinions about which NP track is better for working in ER- FNP, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care; or should I try to do the ER program at USA, which says it is both. Also, would that lead to certification in both so that I could practice primary care in a clinic eventually if I decide I want to? I hate putting myself in a little box with advanced practice nursing... So does anyone know what the specifics are for Alabama? Thanks for your help! :)

I think it all boils down to scope of practice. If you persue a an Adult degree it will limit you to only seeing adult patients and this can be a turn turn off to potential employers. The FNP track may not provide specific training for acute care issues but it does allow the broadest scope. Ultaimately it comes down to getting hired and the providers willingness to train you the way they want you and most providers want you to be able to see ALL ages of patients. I am not working in acute care but like you I was psych nurse before becoming an FNP and currently work in a pediatric endocrinology sub-specialty clinic. They liked the fact that if things were slow I could move over to the adult side and practice, the pediatric NP can not say the same thing.

At the end of the day it is important to do what makes you happy, just try not to limit your scope of practice. Good Luck!!