FNP vs CNS??


The university in which I completed my BSN offers an MSN in FNP and CNS and I am ready to continue my education. Here is my dilemma: From my understanding, the FNP is incredibly competitive. I graduated with my BSN, but with gpa of 3.2 and my experience is just okay (I work in the operating room so not much floor experience at all). I have gathered that a CNS cannot practice women's health or pediatrics, which is fine with me because I don't want to practice in those fields anyway. My fear is that I would be incredibly limited in a position that cannot see pediatrics, as most places do see children whether or not it is their specialty... Take orthopedics and ENT for example. The primary focus of any ortho or ENT clinic is not pediatric, but each of the two clinics see tons of patients of every age. Anyway, I do not doubt the fact that I would be able to complete the MSN program. My doubt is that I would be denied to the FNP program because of it's competitiveness. However, I definitely want to pursue further education. Am I crazy to go back and get an MSN on the Clinical Nurse Specialist track?? I haven't looked in depth into the requirements for a post MSN FNP certificate, but currently I am thinking that this may be a good option after I complete my MSN on the CNS track, IF this is something that I would need to do if it came down to that. I know several people that are in the FNP program and 2 CNS's and the CNS nurses claim they will be able to do everything a FNP does, just no women's health and no pediatrics. I don't know what to do, but I am ready to get down to business with this. Thoughts? Recommendations? I am in Arkansas by the way! (I know that scope of practice varies by location)

ETA: I meant to say that I know that all MSN programs are competitive. But there seems to be a huge flood of people applying to FNP and I don't know that I could compete with that and from my understand, the CNS track would be a little less competitive as far as entrance goes.