FNP Student having doubts!


I am currently an FNP student and have been having second thoughts lately about finishing school. I only have 1 year left and I know I am so close, however my issue is not whether I feel like I am able to complete the work or not. I am having reservations about the role change. It is a big step and a big role change, and whether I am subconsciously having self-doubt or just the unknown of how life will be, I am seriously considering not finishing and just continuing to work as a bachelors prepared nurse. I currently work at an infectious disease office and LOVE my job. When I finish school I will not be able to stay there and will have to move on. This too has me feeling sad about all of it. I want to finish and not "give up" because I want to be a good role model for my children. Ugh, I am so confused. Are there any FNP's that had the same feelings? Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You're going to get fired from your job because you got an additional credential? What's that about?


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Not fired. I will just not have the experience or expertise once I finish my FNP to work in the office I work in since it is so specialized.