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I have been struggling for the past 2 years on making a decision to go back to school. I've had my first child last September (she's 9 months now) and ready to go back to school. Looking at all these schools online, everything is starting to look the same. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg >$60,000 for a program. I live in California, really don't want to go to school on a campus and eventually want to finish with my ENP (Emergency Nurse Practitioner). Does anybody have any insight to schools that they attended or are attending for FNP? Also, do you think it matters if a Nurse Practitioner graduated from UCLA vs one who graduated from Herzing University? I want a program that has #1 great board passing rate, #2 helps me find my preceptors, #3 helpful/encouraging to students, #4 affordable (not >$60,000) and #5 fast (not 3 years or greater). Any suggestions?!

Have you considered the University of Cincinatti? It is 100% online and relatively affordable compared to other programs. I do think you need to find your own precpeptors though. I start the Post-MSN FNP track in August. The application process is easy and I knew in about a month the schools decision. You may want to look into them. They also have a 93% first time pass rate on the boards.

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