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I am a new grad, close to a year's experience under my belt now. I already miss being in school and I can't wait to go back. My ultimate goal is to be able to run my own practice in rural settings in underdeveloped parts of the world as well as be able to develop programs based on the need of the communities.

Currently I work in an Intermediate LTC because I can't seem to land jobs in area hospitals even with a BSN. My current job is very comfortable with nice pay and nice coworkers. But I feel like I am not getting enough acute care experience. I don't want to leave my current job because it gives me security in this economy, and I am able to pay off my student loans. I have heard from NPs and peers that ER experience can be valuable for NP students. What about a skilled Nursing facility or a rehab facility experience?

Or how to land a position in the ER or even get my foot in the hospital setting esp in WI area? It has been a nightmare going through the HR and application processes of area hospitals as a new grad.:angryfire

Anyone know of FNP/MPH dual degree program in WI or equivalent Distan. ed program? Any other suggestions for Grad studies?

Thank you for your time

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