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FNP-DNP 2nd Practicum rotation seeking help with placement Washington state

by MeliblueRN MeliblueRN (New) New Nurse Student

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Hello and thank you for reading.

I just had my clinical placement for this upcoming semester declined by my employer/coordinator. I'm wondering if anyone out there knows an ARNP with at least 2 years of experience, willing to work with an NP student from Gonzaga University. I live in Olympia, Wa but, am willing to travel. My upcoming clinical dates can be from Sept 10-Nov 30, 2020. I need anywhere from 60-120 hours and am very flexible on the days I can work. To fulfill my learning objectives, I am looking for experience in Family practice, Pediatrics, or even 32 hours of Dermatology. If you know of anyone in the area, please pass my information along to them.

All my best,

Melissa Bluestein


Kaylight, MSN

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Did you ever find a preceptor near Olympia?  Have you tried Tacoma?


Specializes in Cardiac RN. Has 7 years experience.

Hi Kaylight. I’ve been able to find preceptors through Sea Mar so far. I just need to secure a preceptor for my last semester starting Sept-Dec 2021. It’s Adult Gero II.  Are you precepting? 
All my best, Melissa