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Well here it is almost time for the sniffles and arghs of flu season

Has anyone received their vaccine yet?

How many are you ordering?

Have you ever seen an adverse reaction to the vaccine?

I have a MA this year in the office to help with flu vaccine injections..what is your experience with MA's doing injections?

Hope you are all having a Blessed day!!

Thanks for you input


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We ordered ours early and were promised it early. We order thousands of bottles of vaccine and it is trickling in...and I mean trickling.

We have only received about 1400 vials and we need 10X that amount.

I have not personally wittnessed any bad reactions to the flu shot other than some localized swelling. One of my supervisors reported a woman with a badly swollen arm (about doubled in size) but the woman admitted she has a severe allergy to eggs...Why she chose to get the vaccine I will never know!

We have not seen any early flu but because of last years debacle we have lots of angry people calling and insisting on having their shot in September. We are trying to hold them off until October when we will have all of our supply but keeping our patients happy is very important.

We use only licensed staff to give our injections and do the patient education/teaching.


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I remember last year around here we had a horrible flu season. Many of the clinics ran out! I think I will get mine early... You know I have NEVER had one... Uhhh...what kind of reaction will I have? Are we supposed to have another bad season or what?


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Shotzie...what type of office do you work at with that kind of pt load?? Yowza!!

I work for an Endocrinologist. 1 doctor, 1 nurse, and a receptionist. So its a VERY small office. And being a specialist practice, we don't have a HUGE demand for flu shots. We get hit hard after the GPs run out of flu shots and the pt waited too long. We have ordered 20 vials..and I think each vial does 10 shots..is that right? My MD is great.he's letting my family come in and get theirs for free...but I have to make a little file for non-pt shots that I do so we have the right documentation and forms signed! Can't wait for them to get here..I want mine too....

BTW...who do you order your flu shots through? and how much are they per vial?



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Our Flu shot clinic will start on October 18. The flu shots will come within the next week or so. I have NO idea how much we've ordered though. Here in Ontario we have a universal flu shot program which means everyone can get one. Last year when I worked in my old job I ordered 5000 doses and it wan't enough.

I don't look forward to this year's flu shot season.


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