the flu.... how are you treating it?


I read with interest all the posts about the flu

Three questions

What are you giving for the flu?

Have you seen much success with meds like Tamiflu?

And are the flu lab test results immediate like a rapid strep test?

We are an IM office But we are seeing a fair amount of 20-40 age with the flu..

We have started to get older pts with pneumonias.

The pnuemonias are getting Rocephin/ or occasionally hospitalized

MY hands are raw from scrubbung and my efforts to stay well

TO all of you helping others...Hang in there..Christmas break is coming!!

Oops I am sorry as there is not much break for the ER workers.. you have my respect and good wishes as you work the front lines in the ER.

Take care ..Joy and Smiles * Darla

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I'm at an IM office too, and we are seeing the same things as you, we've been using flumadine or Tamiflu when we can find it, we've had a shortage the last few days.....but mostly just sending people home with lots of fluids, tylenol, and rest.....the meds don't appear to make a huge difference unless they are started on it from the beginning, and most of our patients are waiting too long before they come in........and the test, its alot like the rapid-strep, usually have results in 10 or 15 minutes.....Well, hang in there, there doesn't seem to be much of an end in sight yet.


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I am writing Tamiflu out the waaazo! We're covered up with the flu and most school districts are closed (seems like the close for heavy rain so this isn't a HUGE deal, but we are still packed!!!).

As far as abx goes they always get a shot of Rocephin and I write either Avelox or Zithromax. Coughs are getting Guiafenesin when they are mild. Worse ones are getting Tussionex.

I've hospitalized three children

Also had a very very sick two year old that I called in our newly hired ped. on and he was admitted to our Ped-ICU. The little one is doing much better now, just had to get it's lungs clear.

Dave, one of the Flu-Fighters :)

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