Flu shot clinic position- question


I just got a phone call from a wellness company. They asked if I was interested in doing a flu shot clinic for them next week. I agreed- after talking to the recruiter she asked if I had insurance. When I told her I did not, she stated that in this position this is required. She then went on to say that because the first flu clinic is next week and she doubts I could get coverage by then, it is ok to do this one, but next time I should have it if I am going to do an RN per diem flu clinic. I checked the website and the company seems reputable and they called from the company itself which is based out of RI. I am just a bit cautious because I was so excited to get an offer for a job that I didn't realize I was only told where the place was but not given a contact name.


1. Does anyone have experience doing these?

2. Should a nurse always have private insurance?

I am going to call her back on Monday to clarify some things as I have to fill out this paperwork and fax it back to the company.

Any thoughts on this one?


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Is it health or that you need? If it is liability, I'm pretty sure you can get covered instantly through NSO, they are a reputable liability insurance company (nso.com).

And they will fax or email your policy declaration page right away so getting proof in time wouldn't be an issue either.

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