Florida RN Transmitting Written MD/DO/ARNP Orders to Another RN?


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Hello All:

I was looking at the BON and couldn't specifically locate the regulation that would dictate whether a Registered Nurse could verbally transmit, over the telephone, an order that was dictated/written by the Physician to another RN at a facility.

For example, if an MD wrote discharge instructions after reviewing the patients eChart, but didn't have time to input orders, could her RN be given instructions to relay to the primary nurse for the patient at the facility? Could the RN transmit a medication order over the phone that was written by the Physician when they are unable to input them directly over CPOE methods?

Hoping to get some clarification, though I suspect if it isn't directly regulated by the BON, then it would be by the P&Ps for each facility, right?

Thanks for the info!