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  1. hi!
    i am a registered nurse working for the state of florida and am currently employed to do retrospective reviews of medical services and quality assurance for medicaid.

    while medicaid doesn't employ specific ur determinates, such as drgs and interqual, it does base ur on recognized standards of practice for the time in which the services are provided, which happens to include drgs and interqual criteria utilized by the medical industry. my agency does retrospective reviews, so we need older editions to reference. in the past, we farmed out retrospective review activities for inpatient services to contracting agencies that only did ur, and they had their own copies of the drg & interqual criteria. in a move to control spending, we are now doing our reviews in-house.
    i am posting in an effort to find old editions of interqual and drg criteria. does anyone know where i can get old editions of interqual and drg criteria that can be donated to a good cause? also, does anyone have any ideas as to whom i could contact in my quest for editions of these references? any help or leads will be greatly appreciated.

    i'm looking for old editions, 2001- 2005, of the:
    interqual® level of care, acute criteria (for adult & pediatric), mckesson health solutions llc.
    any drg references that was available during that period.

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