Where in South Florida?

  1. I will be taking a travel assignment in South Florida to start sometime around the first of November. So far CCTC has positions at Holy Cross in Ft. Lauderdale in the CVOR (my first choice), and at JFK and Palms West in the General OR. (can do it but would rather do CVOR). Any one have any suggestions on where would be the better place. My daughter lives in Wellington so Palms West would be very close. I worked there once in the late 90's, wonder if there is still anyone there that I would know? I'm also going to be looking for someplace to park a motorhome. I remember a couple places on Okeechobee BLVD, but don't see them listed on the internet search sites. Are they all full by the time November rolls around? Hey, thanks for any information you may provide.
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    I tried and tried to post a new thread but since I don't have any responses to this one maybe it's blocking me.
    I'm getting ready to submit my paperwork (for a travel assignment) to Holy Cross in Ft. Lauderdale. There is a 12hr day shift position in the CVOR. Of course there are two night shift positions also open too. ( I really don't want to work nights again.) Anyway, I am thinking of trying to locate a room to rent for the assignment and take the housing subsidy instead of the provided housing. I had thought I would have been able to locate and purchase a motorhome for this winter but it just didn't work out. On to the next step. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks