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Hello, not sure if I start in Summer 2012 or Fall 2012 but wanted to start the thread advanced :)... Read More

  1. by   Happy 123
    I have friends they are finishing Nursing I at West Campus with June Mair this term and the list was available till last week at Search by Course | Buy Textbooks | Valencia College WEST Bookstore I mean these are steps I took by my own so dont want to confuse anybody reading this but I believe there wont be significant changes on the book list unless there will be a new insturctor for Nursing I. All the books offered cost 1300 something required books cost 815 but like I said all these can be a subject to change...
  2. by   astep_atatime
    Today was very exhausting.. Had a 9:00 am appt with UPS for fingerprints. From there I went to Labcorp for the Drug Test (dont do a walk in..wait time is ridiculus.. i suggest you make appt). After Labcorp, had a doctors appt for my phyiscal and titer since I dont have my shot record. I received the Tdap, no soreness like they said to expect. Have to go back for TB test since it has to be read in 2 days. After doctors appt, went to Quest for blood work. Hopefully i dont need many shots. However, I did find out that everything was covered at my doctors by my insurance. I thought I had to pay out of pocket for shots. But they said they will bill it preventitive and its covered (doing happy dance). The only thing I have left to do is the AHA Cpr which I have a class scheduled for Sat. March 17 from 10-1:30. If anyone is interested in attending, let me know and I will send contact information. So tired and so hungry, had to fast for blood work. I am getting super excited. Ready to start and ready to be a RN
  3. by   lovethebeach72
    Ha...I did all that running around yesterday myself. Made appointments for everything, it went great until I went to Centra Care for my physical, etc., had an appt and still ended up there for 3 hours. Ugh, but it is all done and I am thankful for that.

    astep_atatime: have you ordered any books yet? or do you know anyone who has recently gone through the program?
  4. by   astep_atatime
    Spoke too soon..arm is sooo sore where I received the Tdap..Lovethebeach...I have a friend that started in Jan..she is giving me a lot of helpful info plus old edition text books so I'm doing a lot of reading ahead..they r using the 7th edition for Fund..I have the sixth edition..I also met a girl in the bookstore that's in nur 3.she said that they only use 3 textbooks for pretty much, pharmacology, and Davis drug guide...I have to pay for everything out of pocket so I am only going to purchase what's needed and not the other recommended stuff that she said they have never used
  5. by   Happy 123
    Can you guys estimate the money spent on shots,background check and finger print please!
  6. by   astep_atatime
    To start the process with certified background its $161.00. You set an appt for your fingerprints and print a form for your drug test. You do not pay for the fingerprints and drug test you simply give them the paper you print from certified background. The shots price list from Centra Care is in one of the documents that the complaince office sent out. I think they charge 50.00 per shot, the chicken pox shot is a little higher. Hopefully if you have your shot record your wont have to spend alot on immunizations. I'm so thankful that my insurance is covering all of my shots and blood work for the titer.
  7. by   astep_atatime
    Hi,,what did u guys think about orientation? I am soo excited..cant believe the time is here..enjoy your last month of freedom!!!!
  8. by   Greengal1
    Hi everyone, I hope your classes are going well! I'll be starting in Spring 2013 and would love a heads up on what you guys are covering in Nursing I and/or II, any pointers and/or tips? How are the teachers? Thanks in advance!!!