Usf summer 2016

  1. I havent seen a thread started yet for University of South Florida's summer '16 entry to the program and I thought I would start one, since the application deadline is only about 2 months away. I'm really nervous about getting in especially since they just replaced the essay with an interview. I'm looking forward to talking to other applicants while these next 2.5 months drag by.
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  3. by   Mandy.
    Hello there Rachelmoore! I am applying for the upper division summer 2016 as well! I was originally kind of happy I didn't have to write the essay, but now thinking it might be more difficult to get into the program without that extra points from the essay. Glad someone finally started a thread about this, I've been dying to see what other people think about this new system they have in place!
  4. by   Rachelmoore1991
    Hi Mandy, I'm surprised you replied I originally posted this in a different forum in November and barely anyone responded. I had been working on my essay for almost a year. I'm pretty sad it was taken out. If you don't mind me asking what is your GPA? Mine is a 3.77. I think with the interview will weed away many out of state people because I know I wouldn't want to spend money to fly here for an interview and I may not even get in to the program. But then again if it's something I really wanted I would. I'm not very good speaking in front of people when I'm nervous so I'm definitely scared.
  5. by   cnatasha20
    Hi, I'm apply for Summer 2016 as well. I'm glad that someone has started a thread for it. I wanted to know how far along are you on the application process. Last week I found out I got accepted to the school and I just sent in my nursing application 2 days ago. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time
  6. by   Rachelmoore1991
    I started going to the school last semester and finished my prerequisites. Right now I'm taking courses for a public health minor. I've also applied to HCC just incase. I'm nervous about my GPA not being high enough now that they have removed the essay.
  7. by   cnatasha20
    I'm kind of scared for the interview process. My GPA is a 3.81, but I think you're GPA is good as long as you did good in you're pre-reqs you should be fine. I live in Miami, I attend a community college here. This is my last semester, I'm taking my last two classes which are electives.
  8. by   Rachelmoore1991
    Statistics brought my GPA down. I ended up with a "C". I screwed myself by taking it online. I'm also appling to USF's vcare program as well which still requires an essay. So hopefully I get into one. USF is my first choice.
  9. by   cnatasha20
    What's the vCare program? If you don't mind me asking. USF is my first choice as well, I'm praying I get in. I would be so happy. And yes I hate taking online classes as well lol
  10. by   Rachelmoore1991
    It's an accelerated bsn program for former military medics. But they only accept 26 people so I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I applied last year and didn't get it.
  11. by   cnatasha20
    Oh okay, yea I understand I feel the same way. FIU is my back up plan, but I really want to get into USF. I know that you said that you're taking your pre-reqs at the campus. How do you like it over there?
  12. by   Rachelmoore1991
    I love it! The campus is huge. The people are great! They have alot of events and things to do all the time. The only thing that sucks is parking although they do have a bus system that's also awesome. I don't live on campus though. I live about 30 minutes away in Wesley Chapel.
  13. by   cnatasha20
    That's great! I'm getting excited and I'm not even there yet lol. My name is Crystal by the way. I'll keep you updated and hope to see you at the interview, good luck!
  14. by   mgoldfinger
    Hi guys! I literally just decided to move back to Florida for nursing school and applied to USF tonight...anxiously awaiting for that to process so I can do the nursing application. Are you all applying to upper division or the accelerated program? I'm hoping they are not clumped together when looking at applications so both groups have more of a chance. I have my bacherlor's from UCF, so I'll be applying to the 2nd degree accelerated program