Usf fall 2016

  1. I'm starting this new thread to chat with everyone that's planning on applying to usf fall 2016.. I'm supper excited I hope that I get in.. Anybody else plan to apply to usf fall2016 nursing upper division
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  3. by   dogunrinde
    hey, i applied for the summer and i went through the interview process and all so if you have any questions just let me know!
  4. by   Kyla21
    That's great for you congrats ... What was your gpa and how was he interview like
  5. by   dogunrinde
    Thank you! My overall gpa was 3.77 and my pre reqs gpa is 3.81. The interview was really quick! Mines lasted 5 minutes top. They asked scebarios and ethical questions. Though they will probably change the interview questions the fall. I heard that they do a point system. They give you a certain number of points for both of your gpas and they give you points based on your interview and if you get over 18 points you get in the program. What is your gpa?
  6. by   Kyla21
    My gpa over all is a 3.47 but I'm taking microbiology so I have a chance to bring it all to a 3.5 if I get An A at the end of this semester. I my science gpa should be higher like a 3.6 I'm not sure
  7. by   dogunrinde
    Do you have a back up plan if you don't get an interview?
  8. by   Kyla21
    Yeah I'm also applying to famu
  9. by   Thursday Girl
    Hi, I just put my application in today for fall.

    Oh, and because it will be asked, my overall GPA is 3.95 and my prereq GPA is 4.0.
    I have no backup plan. All the other somewhat close nursing schools have deadlines that have already passed. I'm looking on the USF website to find different possible careers.
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  10. by   dogunrinde
    you have a pretty good shot. i applied to ucf and fgcu as back up. you could always try for the spring
  11. by   lostcollegestudent
    Hey guys!!! I'm applying to the fall program this year. I'm also finishing my micro lecture/lab and some fkl classes to bump up my gpa. I currently have a 3.33 overall gpa but a 3.66 in the usf gpa system? Not sure what my pre req gpa is or how to calculate it to tell you guys. Just an average of the prereqs? Anyways, I don't have a back up. This is the most nerve wracking process of my life. All the other schools already had their deadlines and I don't want to leave the tampa area. I'm gonna see other career options if I don't get in. Any recommendations for alternative careers that will let my degree be worth something? lol. I'm an avid reader on this website, and will take any advice and communication with y'all. It will keep me sane - more than being in the journey alone.
  12. by   lostcollegestudent
    do you remember some of the questions specifically? When do you hear back from them to see if you were accepted?
  13. by   dogunrinde
    why do you want to be a nurse, they asked an ethical question, what qualities do you posses over another student, but im pretty sure they are gonna change the questions for the fall group. My interview was on monday and i got the results on friday.
  14. by   Thursday Girl
    The pre-req GPA is the combined GPA of certain courses the FIRST time you took them, I think it may be these classes:

    • BSC X085C Human Anatomy & Physiology I OR any Human Anatomy & Physiology I course, 4 semester hours
    • BSC X086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II or any Human Anatomy & Physiology II course, 4 semester hours
    • CHM, BSC, PHY, PCB, BCH XXXX Any Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Biochemistry course, 3 semester hours
    • DEP X004 Human Growth & Development or any Human Growth & Development course, 3 semester hours
    • HUN X201 Human Nutrition or any Human Nutrition course OR NUR 1192, 3 semester hours
    • MCB X010C Microbiology or Any Microbiology course, 4 semester hours
    • STA X014 Statistics or any Statistics course, 3 semester hours

    I have it written down in one of my notebooks, not sure where. It might just be the anatomy classes and microbiology. I'll look around for it and see if I can dig it up.