UF BSN 2018

  1. I wanted to start a thread for UF Traditional BSN 2018 since applications open tomorrow. Who is applying??
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  3. by   flgatornurse
    i'm applying as a transfer student! is anyone else having difficulty accessing the application?
  4. by   Futurenurse246
    Yes! I only see the graduate programs listed. I guess I will check back next week.
  5. by   STEFHMARIE
    The application is still not up on the NursingCAS website, but I'm going to log in often and update as soon as I see a change.
  6. by   conklin
    I couldn't find the application either. I emailed the advisor. Hopefully the application will be up soon.
  7. by   flgatornurse
    It's available now!
  8. by   Futurenurse246
    Does anyone know how many pre-nursing students currently attend UF?
  9. by   Futurenurse246
    Are any of you using IB/AP credit for your prerequisites like psych and chem?
  10. by   flgatornurse
    I'm using AP credit for psych.
  11. by   Futurenurse246
    It looks like we only enter prerequisites in the transcript section. Is that what you guys are seeing too?
  12. by   kayle00
    sorry! thought this was for ucf! but either way I'm applying to UF also! I'll keep in touch thru the thread!
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  13. by   Futurenurse246
    Does anyone know if we have to send official transcripts again once our spring classes are complete?
  14. by   sgennno
    Hi guys ! I am a transfer student applying to UF BSN 2018. I am graduating this semester with my AA and all my pre-reqs done. I am really nervous about UF because I know it is a highly competitive school but the program is so great I am going to apply and do my best.

    I am going to share my stats for you guys

    GPA: 3. 45
    Pre-Req GPA: 3. 40
    TEAS: 87%

    I also work in the ER of a hospital as a Medical Scribe for almost a year now and I have done study abroad for health sciences and health care community service in 4 different countries...hopefully this helps my chances of getting accepted. My GPA is lower than I would like but my TEAS score isn't bad (even though it isn't mandatory for UF I still took it because I am applying to other schools as well and sent it to them).

    What about you guys? I already submitted my application as a transfer student to UF I just need to finish the Nursing CAS application.