UCF Spring 2018

  1. Hello future nurses,

    I couldn't find a forum discussing the UCF Spring 2018 Traditional BSN program so I started my own. Is anyone planning on apply to the UCF Spring 2018 Traditional program? If so, what campus? Daytona or Coco? Why did are you choosing that campus? I'm really sad that they don't have a Spring program in Orlando.
    I'm leaning toward Daytona, but the rent for the apartments are kind of pricey.
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  3. by   Momo Brummit
    Hi I am also applying for the BSN at UCF. I'm trying for Daytona. I chose Daytona beacause that's closest to where I live.
  4. by   AnnaRose
    Hi there,

    Do you live with roommates, alone, or with parents/guardian? I started looking into apartments and they're so EXPENSIVE. I don't want to do the daily drive on I4 & having to deal with traffic & etc.
    Did you take TEAS yet? I haven't had the chance to study yet.
  5. by   Pardoner
    Look for apartments in Deland. They should be cheap. That stretch of I-4 doesn't have a lot of traffic. You will start to hit traffic on I-4 when you actually get into Daytona.

    I drive through there now and it isn't that bad. I wouldn't want to live in Daytona for Bike Week events.

    I plan to apply for the Spring Daytona class by the way.
  6. by   AnnaRose
    Thank you, I'll definitely look into Deland.
  7. by   Pardoner
    What area are you coming from? I know people currently living in Deland and I can hit them up for more detailed info if you need it.
  8. by   AnnaRose
    Quote from Pardoner
    What area are you coming from? I know people currently living in Deland and I can hit them up for more detailed info if you need it.
    I currently live in Orlando, Fl
  9. by   Pardoner
    Actually ran into a UCF student doing last semester clinicals in Deland. It is nice to know they let them spread out a bit from Daytona.
  10. by   UCFmadison
    Hey! Applying to both Cocoa and Daytona. Super stressed because my science pre req gpa is a 3.0. What about you guys?
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  11. by   Pardoner
    Do you have a good overall GPA and TEAS score?

    They have some good info online showing what was accepted for the previous class.
  12. by   UCFmadison
    Yeah I've looked at it several times. My TEAS is 86, but I'm going to retake it to try and improve. My overall GPA is 3.309 right now. I feel like I'm not going to be good enough but I'm applying anyway.
  13. by   Pardoner
    Any classes you can retake and get grade forgiveness to boost that GPA some?

    I am going to take my TEAS in the next couple weeks. I'll be happy with a 89.

    Couldn't hurt to apply. Never know who doesn't follow through with the process. My fingers will be crossed for you
  14. by   Meg97
    I am also applying to the UCF Regional campuses for spring 2018. Cocoa is my first choice at the moment since it is closer to home. But I will happily go to whichever campus takes me (if any).