UCF BSN or Valencia College Nursing Program?

  1. Hello all.
    Is anyone in the Orlando area? I just got back from an Info session @ UCF, and it was pretty cut throat. It is not impossible to do, the only problem is, do I really want to invest the extra time to get into UCF before studying for the TEAS examination? To get in to Valencia College, I could start studying for the TEAS as early as this Summer, obviously I want a great score because I eventually want my BSN. If I apply myself and focus on the extra courses to apply @ UCF, It will be more intense, time consuming, and its already hard enough. My babygirl is almost 6 months old, and I feel so guilty when I am at the library or studying, so I try to do it @ night when she is asleep. I keep reminding myself that everything I do is for her and my family. I am fortunate and blessed enough to have a lot help on top of my amazing husband who is the most supportive man I have ever met . I am soo . I am just trying to plan my course of study. Any suggestions out there? Thanks for your time.
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    Hi there,

    I was in the same boat. I am going back after taking some years off due to having kids, my husband finishing up his degree etc. I decided to go the Valencia route for a lot of reasons. I planned to finish up at UCF later for my BSN after getting my RN. A quicker route to get in and working while finishing up the BSN, which works best for me and my stage of life. I did hear that, as soon as next year, Valencia is adding a BSN. That could be an option as well.