UCF accelerated, concurrent SS/UCF, and concurrent valencia/UCF

  1. All three of these programs..... Are you able to apply to all three or can you only pick one? I have a second degree so I could apply to the accelerated BSN. I am also interested in the Seminole state/UCF program as well as the valencia/UCF program. Does anyone know about the valencia one? I have found info for UCF/SS through the SS website but I'm not finding anything on Valencia. I could also possibly apply to the Basic BSN that I guess regular undergrads would do at UCF. So I can I apply to all these programs to up my chances? I would email the office but they are closed for the holidays. It seems the BSN apps are due the 15th. I still have not taken the TEAS yet so I'm going to try and do that ASAP!
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  3. by   CP2013
    I applied to UCF undergrad BSN, and Seminole concurrent. Got accepted to both and chose the one better suited to me.

    My friend applied to Valencia concurrent and UCF accelerated (2nd degree) and he was accepted to both.

    There'd nothing stopping you from applying to all programs, just be aware that you may hear back later on some and earlier on others.
    For instance if accelerated is your top pick, it may be the last program you hear from - so be sure to give up your spot in any other programs you accepted so someone else has a chance!!!

    Good luck!!!