SPC Spring 2013, I got in, now what?!

  1. I know that quite a few people on here got in to SPC's RN program for January 2013. I got in through an EAYL program as of just this past Friday. I know a lot of people were notified on November 1st. I guess I'm just asking what you guys are working on now to prepare. What have you been notified that you need to do? Do I need to go out and get my stethoscope and scrubs yet? Should I go see my primary care doctor and update my CPR certification that expires in January? Please help!
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  3. by   ounsrey
    They will give you a packet detailing what needs to be done. I think I got mine during orientation. It will not hurt to renew your CPR because they will need copies anyways. Get that out of the way before school starts. Wait until they tell you what type of scrubs before buying any. congrats!! Just enjoy your time off now before school starts!
  4. by   Afave
    I am in with a EAYL program too. The hospital I am at, before confirming us with SPC, had to run a bg check/drug test first before we could go to the second step- actually being admitted into the program. Now my program is holding a meeting this week to fill us in on what we needs to be completed for the hospital and the next steps for SPC.
  5. by   ccd06kw
    Do you mind me asking which program? I got in through Northside. We have a meeting this week as well, but they told us to wait for SPC regarding the bg check/drug test.
  6. by   beebaboo
    I got in through the Largo Med expansion program. I went in and signed my contract but have not heard anything from SPC. I am slightly it's concerned that we are going to be lost in the shuffle because we are an outside 24. I already had my titers drawn through LMC and the first in the Hep B I needed and my flu shot. I also went to HEC and got the book list...yikes! I can't buy books because the book credit isn't there yet. What I really want is my schedule so I can start planning how this spring is going to look.
  7. by   ccd06kw
    If you log in to mySPC, on the main page is a class list, if you change the semester to spring your schedule may show up, mine is there. Are you planning on attending Orientation on the 5th? I would contact either Largo Med or SPC if you haven't heard anything at all. There are a lot of requirements to meet ahead of time; background check, fingerprints, etc.
  8. by   beebaboo
    Thanks, I went in the day after I posted and they said LMC sent all of their people at once on Monday but I got the e-mail with all the info. I'm almost done with my requirements. That is quite the To-do list they gave. I'm signed up for the TEAS on Jan 2nd and am going to start studying for that.
  9. by   ccd06kw
    Has anyone downloaded the Ebooks yet? I am unsure where to find the codes..