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I will be sending my official Spring 2013 app in on 7/20! All pre-reqs completed except for micro (which I am already registered for in the fall before the program would begin), and a GPA of 3.78 on... Read More

  1. by   gstrick0866
    Hi Guys-

    I am a Baycare employee and I was also selected for the EAYL program. I keep checking MySPC to see if I am enrolled in classes, but currently I am not. I look forward to meeting everyone soon.

  2. by   Afave
    I also have been accepted with an expansion program. I was told by an HEC advisor today, that SPC will be sending out an email this week to facilitate drug/background checks. The hospital I am with said the orientation for EAYL/Expansion is December 5th.
  3. by   Afave
    Those of you who went to the orientation: Do you mind posting the required textbook list? I don't have orientation for another two weeks and I want to start textbook shopping before prices go up on Amazon. Thanks!
  4. by   spc2012
    Has anyone scheduled a CPR course? I went on the american heart website but there is several options to pick from. Do we need a certain class?
  5. by   ccd06kw
    I got in!! I'm going through one of the EAYL programs. I just found out Friday. So far all we have is a form to submit this week. I see how much everyone already knows and I'm feeling behind. Hopefully they catch us up quickly so I can quit freaking out. I guess I'll be adding textbooks to my Christmas list this year Congrats to everyone!
  6. by   Ashley1120
    Does anyone know if we are accepted throught the EAYL program for Baycare, do we still have to do the background/drug screening for SPC that's $188? I just got an email from SPC saying it had to be completed by 12/5 but I know baycare does there own screenings so I wasnt sure if I need to do both...
  7. by   gogator123
    I still have not received an email from SPC about orientation for EAYL students. Has anyone received an email yet?
  8. by   tmcneill0524

    Here is what my email (SPC email account) said:

    Thank you for submitting your health program application to the Health Education Center. You have been approved to begin the admission process for the Associate in Science in nursing beginning in the spring 2013 term. The academic requirements are only a portion of the admission criteria; you are responsible for the completion of the items below.

    Admission to your selected health program is contingent upon you completing the following steps;

    - Return the Notice of Intent – All students entering a health program are requested to review their academic records and the curriculum of the program they are entering. This is to ensure you understand the program’s academic requirements and are aware of any outstanding requirements that may still need to be met.
    To confirm you have completed this review and your intention is to continue the admission process for the provisional start date listed above, please complete the Notice of Intent survey found below before November 27, 2012 to indicate that you accept this provisional start date. Failure to complete this survey by the deadline provided will end the admission process and you must reapply for future consideration.

    Notice of Intent Survey

    - Complete a Drug and Background Screening - Students entering a health program are required to successfully complete a drug and background screening. Completion of the drug and background screening by the assigned due date is required to continue the admission process into this health program. Students who are not in compliance with the St. Petersburg College drug and background screening criteria will not be admitted into the health program classes.

    Instructions for Completing the Drug and Background Screening

    o The drug and background screening must be completed by December 5, 2012 to maintain eligible status.
    o To submit your screening order go to: www.CertifiedBackground.com and click on “Students” then enter package code: si22
    o If you need assistance please contact CertifiedProfile.com at 888-666-7788 or studentservices@certifiedprofile.com and a Student Support Representative will be available Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm & Sunday 12pm-8pm EST
    Students who do not complete the drug and background screening by this due date will be removed from the admission list and need to reapply for a future admission start date.

    - Attend a Mandatory Health Education Center Orientation ( If you attended the November 15th nursing orientation you do NOT need to come to this one)
    The Health Education Center requires students entering into a health program to attend a mandatory orientation session. This orientation will be held at the Health Education Center and will consist of a Student Affairs session followed by a departmental session with the program's director. Registration for your classes and information about the immunization and physical requirements will be addressed at this orientation.
    The Health Education Center Orientation will be held on December 5, 2012 at 3:00 PM at the Health Education Center. Sign in will begin at 2:30 PM in the main lobby. If you are unable to attend this mandatory session please contact the Health Education Center records office at 727-341-3757. If you do not attend this orientation and we do not hear from you before this date, you will forfeit your place in the admission process.

    Best wishes on a rewarding academic career.

    Damon M. Kuhn, MBA/PA
    Administrative Manager
    Coordinator of Admissions & Registration
  9. by   Gejsa
    OMG i just got my acceptance letter . I was on the alternate list & now im in. See you all soon
  10. by   gogator123
    Does anyone know what books we need?
  11. by   ccd06kw
    @gogator123 if you log into myspc on the main page under my schedule if you change it to Spring semester it should show Nursing I and the textbook link.

    Mine says we need:

    Author: HOUGHTON
    Edition:2ND 09
    Publisher:BAKER COLL
    ISBN: 9780923568962

    Author: GARTEL
    ISBN: 9780131592674

    & then there are a few suggested as well. I have not yet been to orientation, but that is what the website shows.
  12. by   gogator123
    For some reason when I do that it says I need some political book called We the People. That doesn't seem right to me, I guess I will just wait to find out on Wednesday at orientation
  13. by   beebaboo
    I was accepted into the expansion program through largo med ((woohoo!!!)) but I haven't seen any information about the orientation but we were told that it is Dec 5th. I'll call tomorrow to confirm that we are supposed to go at the same time everyone else is (I presume so) I went in and talk to an adviser at HEC and she said that they register you at orientation and I went upstairs to the nursing program office and they gave me a copy of the book list. Hold on to your hat's folks it's LONG!

    Thanks for the info for the specifics gogator123 and tmcneill0524. I'll see you there!