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  1. Hi everyone!! I'll try to make this quick. So I need some advice, I began the process of orientation and testing with Sheridan Tech for their Lpn program. I passed the reading and language portions of the TABE with flying colors, now the math had me tested on a D level test and as you know sheridan requires an A level test. Since I scored an 11.0 on the D level which is the lpn program minimum they allowed me to retest on an A level. I just retested and scored 1.5 points under the requirement . I've been through so much stress trying to get in!!! Their telling me I have to take remediation courses, now this doesnt sound too bad because its at your own pace you can take 2 weeks or 2 months to finish its all on the student. Now, I'm afraid I'm going to get behind all the other applicants, can I continue to do the other requirements while I wait to test out of remediation. The program starts in August. I think I have time... Has this happen to anyone????? Advice please!! I wantr to get things going with the other requirements. Thank you sooooo much for reading!!!
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  3. by   nlion87
    You have to pass tabe and then TEAS at required levels before they will even allow you to take health career core so the answer to your question is no.
  4. by   LookingForward819
    Thank you for your reply, but I thnk you misunderstood the question. Sheridan works at a first come first serve basis. You must do requirements such as Tabe, Teas, Background check, drug test and physical. Whomever finishes these all up first gets a seat in the program. So basically what I asked was while in remediation for the Math portion of the Tabe can I still get a counselor to give me the paper work for the physical and drug test etc etc. Just to get my folder full with the requirements. That way at the end of my remediation I'll already have everything done and I wouldnt fall behind the other applicants. I know you cannot take core without these things. Core means you are already in the program.
  5. by   FAVORED1
    Hi, same thing happened to me @ McFatter. I had to retest on the math. I've finally completed everything and was just waiting to see where I stand (only 24 applicants). You will not be permitted to do anything else until you pass the math on the TABE and then they will give you the slip to take the TEAS. I was able to do my physical and immunization requirements but again could not move on to the TEAS until I passed the math. You're right as far as the 1st come 1st serve, whomever has everything completed, tests, physicals, drug and background, they will receive their acceptance whenever Sheridan sends them out. Those who have not will be placed on a waiting list and of the 24 students they do call (completed files) whoever does not register by a certain date, Sheridan will then contact those on the waiting list. As far as core, I took the CNA course, so no core for me. Hope this helps.