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  1. Relocating to Jacksonville Florida, applied at Shands Jacksonville. Does anyone have any feedback or info on nursing in the ED at Shands? Ratios, patient/staff satisfaction, staff turnover, etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   cmp715
    Hey there - I am browsing this site in search of the same info you were looking for in September... I am new to Jax area an just applied to Shands ED. Did you ever get a job there or have you interviewed...? Any feedback would be appreciated as there is not much current info out there on this hospital. Thanks!!
  4. by   Shelea01
    Hi, I actually have just recently been offered a job in the Shands ED and am very excited. The staff so far including the people that interviewed me were great. It is a level one trauma center located in a bad part of town but the hospital itself is safe. The ER itself has a reputation for having some of the best physicians and ER nurses there are. They are very respected in this area. The ratio is absolutely crazy high, the census is high and it's non stop and they fully warn you of that as does every person that's ever been there. However, if you are a nurse that wants to be the best at what you do and work a few feet away from one of the most recognized trauma centers in the country then this might be for you. If you are fine where you are and just want to be in a general ER we have many local choices that might fit you better. Hope that helps
  5. by   AP0525
    I've now been an ED nurse for 6.5 yrs. and currently live in NC. However, my first job as a new grad was in the ED at Shands @ UF (Level 1 Trauma Center) in Gainesville. I spent my first 3.5 yrs there and couldn't have found a better place to start out. You will learn more than you ever thought and get some great experience with very sick patients. Although I never worked at Shands Jax, I'm sure it is very similar to Shands UF.
    Good luck & congrats on the job!
  6. by   cmp715
    Thank you both
    I just got a job offer from a different ED in the area but I really want to interview at more places before I make up my mind. Shands has a job fair next week so I'll be able to talk to recruiters from there as well. Hopefully I will end up making the right decision!
    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about St Vincent's Southside or Baptist South as far as work environment, ratios, pay, benefits..?
    And how do they compare to Shands? I'd appreciate any info you guys might have.
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