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  1. I am interested in applying for this school for January 2013 (app due in September) I for the life of me cannot get ahold of anyone at the school to ask questions. Does anyone know if you need to have the prereqs done before applying? I want to apply for January but I will still be taking prereqs until December. Also do they have a time limit on credits? I have a psychology credit from 2004 I am worried about will count since its old. Most schools I've asked have said yes but Seminole is my first choice.
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  3. by   kabooski
    You can be one class short of your A.A for concurrent
    don't know about A.S program, which has been reduced for 2013 and will be done away with in the near future....

    While Seminole does not have a "waiting list" per-se, they do weight your application depending on who finished "all" their pre-reqs first; then if they have a block of applicants that finished their prereqs at the same time, they go to phase II, which is sorting them by recalculated GPA, then they group similar GPA's into phase III, and sort those by TEAS score

    100 seats total. If I remember correctly for 2013 is 75 seats concurrent and 25 seats for generic
    over 400 applications for the 100 seats

    I'm sorry to say but since you will be finishing this coming fall, you are most likely to get the automated response:

    "Dear applicant

    Thank you for applying to the Spring 2013 Seminole State College of Florida Associate in Science Nursing program. We regret to inform you that you have not been admitted at this time.

    Students selected for the Spring 2013 RN-AS class met all of the minimum selection criteria. In addition, each applicant had a minimum 3.0 recalculated GPA and finished their prerequisites in Spring 2011 or earlier. The complete selection process for the A.S. degree can be found on the Nursing webpage at ... "

    (Gasp ... I hope I don't get that letter )But don't let that discourage you, go ahead and apply anyway, and make sure you attend a "info session" as they will outright reject your application if they look up and see you did not attend one.

    As for the 2004 course? Don't sweat, there are plenty of people who have B.S degrees and even Masters from years back that are now studying to be Nurses. Only mostly private schools like Florida Hospital would make you retake that class.
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    Thank you for your insight. So now I am wondering unless I totally missed something... what is a concurrent program?
  5. by   maudo
    Hi again, the answer to your question is... a concurrent program the one for UCF/SSC involves taking courses towards both your ASN/BSN simultaneously only @ SSC campus which takes 22 months After completion you will take the RN licence exam for an ASN degree, then you complete a few? UCF courses ON LINE for 1 or 2 semesters to complete the BSN degree requirements.
  6. by   maudo
    Does anyone know a reliable site to find a roommate near the Altamonte Springs Seminole State College of Florida. Preferably a female nursing student.
  7. by   LivingADream
    Hi Everyone,

    I turned my application in on Sept. 11 for the concurrent SCC/UCF program for Spring 2013. It feels like it is taking forever to get a response! My GPA is a 3.2, I got a 78 on the TEAS, and my last prerequisites were finished in Fall 2011. I hope that makes me a strong Candidate, but with only 75 seats I know that’s wishful thinking. Has anyone received their letter yet? I was looking back at the same forum for 2011 and it was Nov 7th and some people had not heard back yet EEEEK!
  8. by   LivingADream
    A Quick FYI! There is another discussion about applying for Seminole State colleges/UCF program starting in January 2013 Feel free to join in and share your thoughts. We are all waiting on our acceptance letters together and it would be nice to have a larger support group!