Santa Fe College ASN 2013 - page 3

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  1. by   julieannlpn
    does anyone know how many people get in?
  2. by   SFChopeful2013
    Around 140 I think
  3. by   caringnursetobe
    I am finishing up my micro, stats, and comp 2 this summer. Do u know if i am able to apply to santa fe for the fall term if i plan on completing these classes this summer?
  4. by   SFChopeful2013
    Which summer term? Decisions come out during mid to late June so if the class isn't finished by then, no. I would just email one of the nursing advisors to be sure though
  5. by   KP2013
    Just applied today with 79 points - hope it's enough! I hate that they count all IB/AP scores as B's. Good luck everybody!
  6. by   jesstham83
    I applied this week with 80 points -- it's my first year applying but I'm hoping I am accepted. I'm glad the letters go out in a month -- at least we don't have too long to wait. I took the Kaplan this week and it was much easier than I expected. Good luck to everyone
  7. by   SFChopeful2013
    I wonder how many people are going to apply? Three more days until the application is due and then about a months wait!
  8. by   jriver38
    You sound like me (minus the masters degree ) What are you currently doing for work now?
  9. by   UF2010
    Just curious, how many people have their Bachelor's (or higher)? What have you been doing since then? Did any of you apply to ABSN programs?
  10. by   KP2013
    I have a BS from UF. I started taking the pre-reqs right after I graduated. I thought about doing the ABSN at UF but wanted the 2 years to spread it out.
  11. by   sappa
    I have a BS also, I have been working at Shands as a Transfer Center Coordinator. I also thought about the ABSN but I will have to continue to work full-time so I need it spread out too.
  12. by   jriver38
    I have a BS from UF and applied to the ABSN and did not get in I work full time to pay bills until I go back to nursing school
  13. by   UF2010
    BS here too. I didn't bother applying to accelerated programs since I didn't think I'd get in. I'm happy to be going the ASN route though, since it won't be as rushed, and it isn't as expensive. Sometimes it frustrates me that it'll take so long, but I think it's ultimately a better choice for me.