Relocating to FL and want to get back into CC Nursing again Advice?

  1. I am a RN with a BSN and 22 years of experience in various areas of nursing from Med Surg, trauma/stepdown, public health, forensics, orthopedics, educator, informatics, etc... (my resume takes up 3 pages) My problem is that I have been working as a "float nurse" and have been a travel nurse over the past 6 hears and I have decided that I would like to get into cardiac cath lab or ICU ( I had Trauma and NICU experience over 10-15 years ago) or maybe back into the ER when now that I have "grown up" and know what I want ! I am in my 40's have no family commitments, and have gone through my "Eat, Pray, Love (life)" moment and have a spot in the Ormond Beach, FL area. I just want to find a "home" so I can get "specialized" or "recertified" in something again. Being a float nurse you can't get enough hours in an area to get certified. So I am not that old, have plenty of life and knowledge left in me, I would like to do something I really WANT to do, not what a recruiter tries to convince me I want to do. Any suggestions out there??? Or job offers???
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