relocating from Jacksonville FL to Tampa FL

  1. I am currently a nursing student at Keiser RN program and I am looking to transfer because I will be moving to the Tampa area. I have researched several school's one being Keiser Lakeland campus because they have the same RN program. My problem is I am trying to make this transition go smooth and I cannot get a straight answer from Lakeland can I simply change campuses and continue with my studies the admission counselor is telling me I would be ahead on the waiting list because I am already in the program but it seem's like they are trying to make me pay another registration fee. Are the school's in Tampa really hard to get into? and what is the deal with Galen? I have been calling them for 2 weeks and no answer.
    Any help I would greatly appreciate it
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    I am relocating to the Tampa area any good school that you know of

    How is the nursing industry in Tampa