Recently passed nclex and relocating to FL

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some advise. I currently passed the NCLEX examination and found out last month. After a long long time and finally attaining that goal I finally got it. Now my situation is a little bit different in a sense that I currently live in Canada working with only an LPN license since I haven't been able to attain my Canadian RN license. But I was given the chance to take the exam in Florida so I have a license as an RN in that state.

    I have currently been now applying for jobs that can sponsor me so that I can attain a visa and also a social security number for the USA. I know I would technically be considered a New grad since I have no prior experience as an RN here in Canada, only as an LPN. Currently I have had 1.5 years experience. Please I need advise on what I can do. I am a little confused on the processing and the types of visa I should be utilizing. And reading about how long the processing takes is making me feel a little despair.
    I would really like anyone's experiences about how they moved to Florida to attain an RN job. I would really love to hear from anyone. I know I should be happy since I finally got my RN license after hard work and studying hard. But I still feel stuck about the whole process.
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    I also want to move to Florida once I pass NCLEX. good luck.
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    Hi, I am a Canadian RN currently working and living in Florida. Unfortunately, without prior experience as an RN, your chances of securing a job offer in Florida are very minimal. Additionally, to make yourself truly marketable, you would need to have experience in nursing specialties that are more difficult to staff or that require longer (and more expensive) training. The visa you should be looking into is the TN Visa. Note that it is only available for Canadian citizens (permenant residents do not qualify). Private message me if you have any questions.