Psychiatric Nurse from UK wants to move to Florida

  1. Hi All
    My hubby is 46 and has been a Phyciatric Nurse in a Special (High Security) Hospital for the past 27 years... we are looking to re-locate to Florida and would like some advice regarding qualifications needed .. processes to implement and time scales... I understand from reading this site that Florida (USA) requires a more generalised training .. and qualification. I also understand that any gaps in training in specific areas such as paediatrics and Obstetrics can be filled by (shadow training) or studying in the US ( is this possible in the UK) If my husband was to intend on completing the required training what visa would he need to be in the US ... would he have to be there without the rest of the family or would we be allowed to accompany him? How long is the required training likely to take and to obtain the Florida license.. I hope someone can help with some of my questions and if there are any matters I haven't highlighted please feel free to let me know...
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    Hi Please post this in the international section where you will get a response from a lot of people in your situation!