Polk State Spring 2017

  1. I'm wondering about everyone's Teas score for the nursing program January 2017. I got a 72.0 %. I don't know if that's enough. My overall GPA is a 3.66
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  3. by   audrat16
    I got a 90% on the TEAS and my overall GPA is 3.7 but I am taking anatomy this semester and don't have that grade yet.
  4. by   blondee143
    I made an 86 on my TEAS. My GPA is 3.65 and I'm taking A&PII this semester. I submitted my application for the nursing program yesterday. I am so excited but nervous at the same time! Good luck to you!! Good luck to all of us!!!
  5. by   Tiff0425
    Hey guys! I was wondering what everyones scores were. I have been stalking other blogs from the previous admissions and I see it really does vary. According to the point system they work with (Teas+ (CummulativeGPAX5) + (PreregGPAX5) + either 2 points of AA or 4 points for Bachelors...I believe.. if I am calculating right, my scores are like 106-107.. I am not sure what preregs they consider in the prereg GPA because they say some you can do through the program but I did they all. I am kinda nervous because my scores aren't super high but I know people with my points and scores ARE admitted! I got a 76.7 on my TEAS..
    Do you guys think I have a chance..
  6. by   Lienne11
    @Tiff045 You have a better chance than me. My score was super low. I don't know how they do the prereqs. I'm done with most of them including AP & Micro
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  7. by   Lienne11
    I hope we all get in! How is AP for you guys this semester?
  8. by   MLL1023
    Hey Guys!

    My total Score was 109.
    Hope that is enough to get in!
    Super nervous!
  9. by   Lienne11
    How did you calculate the score?
  10. by   MLL1023
    TEAS Score+ Overall GPA(x 5) +Program course(s) GPA(x 5)= Total
    Then if you have a previous Associates degree add 2 points and if you have a bachelors degree add 4 points.
  11. by   Lienne11
    Do you know how you figure out your prereqs GPA?
  12. by   MLL1023
    I Wrote down the pre-reqs, the grade, and the credit hours then went to the GPA calculator and plugged it in and it gave me the GPA. Hope that helps.
  13. by   Lienne11
    What are the prereqs exactly? Idk if microbiology is included
  14. by   MLL1023
    I did all the pre-reqs and any of the courses that i took that are for the program