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Pensacola State College RN Program

  1. Has anyone else applied to PSC RN program? I am wondering what the current average HESI scores needed for acceptance and wait list times might be. I have seen 17-20 as the lowest score they will take for acceptance. The advising center isn't not very helpful with this information; each person gives you a different answer.
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  3. by   cadavis
    I know I'm a bit late, but I suppose that's better than never. I got in for the Spring 2019 immediately (meaning I was not on the wait list) with a 21 score. My GPA was a little low, I only had 2 points for each, but I had 17/20 points from the HESI.
    For the Fall 2018, they accepted 80 students. The lowest score in the daytime program was an 18. As for the night/evening program, the lowest score was a 16. This is coming from advising.
    Before I applied, I asked a few of the nursing students about the average acceptance scores. The answer I got was this: After everyone defers and rejects their seats, the average amount of points for the accepted student is generally between 19-24.
    As for the wait list, I don't know too much about it. I know the wait list used to be long, but then I heard recently from a friend that they were having problems filling seats. A few days after I heard THAT, I heard from a customer at work that advising told them that it was long (which would mean they have no problems filling seats). I'm not quite sure what's going on with that.
    Good luck!
  4. by   NurseB2B
    Thank you! I actually just got my letter of acceptance for the Spring 2019 program as well. It turns out they lost my healthcare program application that I sent in February so when I spoke with an advisor in June, they realized the mistake. I showed them the fax confirmation but they didn't back-date my application. That is absolutely fine though since I wouldn't be able to start until Spring 2019 anyway. Sounds like we will be going through the program together.
  5. by   cadavis
    I guess we will be going through together! It's really funny you mention them losing your application, they did the SAME thing with mine. I should have started this fall but they said I wasn't even an applicant. They found it thankfully (obviously haha).
  6. by   NurseB2B
    So are you in classes this semester or are you just waiting for the program to start? I'm still waiting to hear back from them regarding my acceptance notice. If I don't hear from them by Wednesday, I'm going to call every single day.
  7. by   cadavis
    I'm starting in January. Why do you need to hear back regarding your acceptance letter? My letter just said I was accepted and to drop my acceptance form off in bldg 2. I definitely don't want be missing anything lol. But for sure call them until you get an answer. Don't call the nursing dept themselves, try admissions first. I called once and the person who answered the phone seemed very upset that I called them instead of admissions.
  8. by   NurseB2B
    You have to return the acceptance form by 9/13/18 to take your spot you were offered. I emailed it to them and BCC'd myself. Once they receive the letter back from you, they will send the orientation packet to you.
  9. by   cadavis
    Alright, I'm not missing anything in that case. I'm going to email it to them too, I was just going to take it up to bldg 2 before work tomorrow but since the office is closed due to weather I guess I'll just email them my form and ask them why I'm not getting any emails. Did you receive an acceptance email as well as a letter?