pbsc fall 2013

  1. Hello everyone june 1st is rite around the corner..im excited about apply for fall semester.currently all i need to do is take the Hesi.Hows everyone else doing with getting prepared to apply this june?any Hesi advice would be great
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  3. by   tristan78
    Hi there, I'm finishing up this semester with Chemistry and a humanities elective. I'm applying for this coming fall and should have my volunteer hours done by April. I need to take the procalc and HESI but haven't studied for either yet. I'm curious which book is best to use for studying the HESI and also what tips anyone that they would like to share.

    I wish everyone the best of luck...
  4. by   Nadroujj
    I used the Admission Assessment exam review book, edition 3. It covered all the topics on the test. I ended up with a 91.6 on the test. I definitely recommend that book
  5. by   fpmsa14
    Thanks I will defiantly be buying that book
  6. by   tristan78
    Same here , thanks for the recommendation Anyone that is currently in the program have any useful tips, suggestions, etc, that might help us hopefuls?
  7. by   lovejm29
    Everyone ready? June 1st is coming up!! Whats everyone's points looking like right now? Good luck to you all!
  8. by   ChestaWifey
    I'm applying for fall 2013. I'm not applying with the hopes of getting in, but if I do it would be GREAT!! My points are low but from reading the threads from the past the acceptance points usually drops for fall semester so I'm giving it a try. I did pretty good on the HESI and I got a 100% on the Pro Calc. How are u guys looking on points?
  9. by   lovejm29
    I'm in the same boat. My points are low, due to only getting the 6 points for the HESI, did awesome in all the sections except for A&P which brought my score down and can't retake it til November (which is awful, bc I will have to wait to use my new score until next fall if I don't get in, in the Fall or Spring. Praying for a low point cut off!!
  10. by   chillywilly
    I'm aiming for the June 1st (Which is actually June 3rd) deadline. Hesi is scheduled next week. Looking for intel on the Hesi A2 test. Does it go deep into the subjects, or is it general knowledge on the subjects? Anyone here taken it yet?
  11. by   ChestaWifey
    I have taking the HESI 3 times. It's a general overview of each subject. I missed the 83 by .01 of a point! I couldve cried (( but I'm hoping for a real low cut off like 23-24.
  12. by   miku01
    how come acceptance points usually drop during the fall? my point total is above average...i am your competition!
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  13. by   Krystalanne
    I just finished 1st semester. I had to take pharm and it was a huge challenge! I highly recommend taking pharm before you get in. Good luck to you guys :-) If you have questions about 1st semester at PBSC, let me know.

    RIP Professor Carol A. Alexander :'(
  14. by   Rachcrow
    How was your first semester? If you don't mind me asking how many points did you have when you applied and do you know what the cut off was? I submitted my application with 26.4. I am taking pharm now in the summer with **********. Did you have Professor ********?
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