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Hello everyone june 1st is rite around the corner..im excited about apply for fall semester.currently all i need to do is take the Hesi.Hows everyone else doing with getting prepared to apply this... Read More

  1. by   chillywilly
    I just got my status updated to accepted.
  2. by   icey00205
    Congrats!! Same here
  3. by   chillywilly
    Sweeeeet~ Guess I'll see you in August. Thank goodness for a 3rd grade level procalc and HESI A2 test.

    Sadly, I was unable to enroll in NUR2140 so I'm taking Pharm during the first semester. It is what it is, but I have a feeling that many people enrolled into without knowing if they were going to be accepted into the program or not. So now it's time to wait and see how many people drop that course. (^.^)
  4. by   Lmichel11
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in also!!! Good luck to everyone that got accepted!! I think we all need to stick together and help each other out
  5. by   Lmichel11
    That class is no joke chillywilly... I am in Pharm now (luckily I got accepted!) and people are dropping like flies..... Good luck to you next semester!!!!!
  6. by   icey00205
    So has anyone started working on the mandatory requirements yet?
  7. by   chillywilly

    I have been. I'm Getting Flu shots and full medical exam early next week. Already got Scrubs on order, books ordered, and most paper work filled out. Also need to get a drug test >

  8. by   leeann33
    Hi everyone,
    I got into the Fall 2013 RN program so will be excited to meet you all.
  9. by   chillywilly
    so how many people are feeling like full-time work isn't any longer an option?
  10. by   lovejm29
    Anyone know what the cut off was for Fall 2013 semester?
  11. by   Lmichel11
    I was told that 26.13 was the cutoff. I started with the packet already and my pockets feel so much lighter these days!! And yes working full time will no longer be the option!!! :-(
  12. by   Nadroujj
    I know a few people who decided to work full time despite being told it was not a good idea. Some decided to do part time instead and it seems to be working. And a couple others are repeating semesters which is NOT a good look. Working full time is extremely difficult in this program. Ijs.
  13. by   Chi561
    Hey everyone, I also got in the program for Fall 2013 @ PBSC. I wanted to know if anyone knows how strict they are about the nursing scrubs. Obviously the tops cannot be changed and we have to wear the navy blue color. But what about the scrub bottoms. Does it have to be exactly the one they set out for us to purchase?