Palm Beach Atlantic Upper Division Nursing 2018

  1. Hello everyone!
    I just got accepted to Palm beach Atlantic's upper division nursing program and I am attending in the spring of 2018! I looked everywhere online for something for students to talk but didn't find anything so I was hoping to talk to some other students thinking about going! I don't know much about the program so if anyone knows information I'm sure this will be helpful for us to all communicate!
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  3. by   Markant14
    Hi! I got my acceptance letter yesterday. I couldn't find all that much about the program either. Also, I have not received the follow up email yet telling us what to do to reserve our spot in the program. Have you?
  4. by   Penn101
    Hey just got my acceptance also!!!! Im so excited!!! Are you originally from florida?
  5. by   Penn101
    Nope not yet. We should be getting it soon
  6. by   Alliesod
    I got my message from Nancy Peifer with how to further secure your spot at PBA! I am also so excited to start. I am not from Florida I am actually from Connecticut but I am moving to Florida right after thanksgiving so I'm excited to start my new life there! Does anyone know anything about the program like how much the deposit is? Also are you guys going to take your three classes before clinicals start in the spring or the summer? I think I'm going to do spring so I have a break in between the semesters.
  7. by   Penn101
    I also think i will be taking those classes in the spring. I want to have adequate time to study and pass. I want to start on the right foot lol
  8. by   Markant14
    Hi guys! Have you been able to access the nursing forums for our incoming class on your myPBA? Also, are you planning on living on campus or off campus?
  9. by   Shanti1993
    I got in as well. But now I'm having second thoughts because of the tuition.
  10. by   Penn101
    Are you getting financial aid? Im lucky that it covers 98% of tuition. Im staying off campus and thats all my responsibility. I know it seems expensive but i look at the end result. Pba is a good school ☺
  11. by   Penn101
    Nope no access to any forums. But i do plan on staying off campus with my sister
  12. by   Shanti1993
    Im so annoyed cause I had to pay $300 for enrollment. Then after i had to pay $159 for complio which i thought would cover the finger print and background check only to find out today that i have to pay $50 for fingerprints and possibly everything else. I just can't deal with this right now.
  13. by   Shanti1993
    Have you completed complio requirements? I'm doing my fingerprints today and physical and immunization forms sometime next week.
  14. by   Penn101
    I actually haven't done anything yet....have you gotten your schedule yet?