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  1. So, to make the story short, I had a bad attitude and major family problems when I was younger. This is no excuse, but I have several F's on my community college tanscripts mostly due to attendance. My father was diagnosed w/ALS, and due to my abusive bipolar mother with Munchausen's, I had to revoke her power of attorney and become his legal guardian/caretaker 12/24hrs for the next 3yrs until he passed. Since then, I have been an expanded functions dental assistant. I have been looking into LPN programs in Orlando, esp O-tech and was wondering if anyone knows if I have a chance. Is the LPN program easy to get into? Am I doomed?
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  3. by   intehflames
    Hey, I'm planning on attending Orlando Tech for LPN either in September or January. I passed the TABE and NET tests last month, and I only have to complete my program packet (dental exam, physical, references) and I'll be in. However, I think their September program has already filled up.

    They do not look at your community colleges transcripts unless you have an associate's degree. All they need is your high school transcripts to prove that you graduated, and your HS grades have no bearing on your acceptance. They do LPN program orientation every Thursday at 8 AM, 12 PM and 5 PM. You can either take your TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) that day or wait until the next Thursday.. it's not that difficult though, I passed the first time, it's just basic grammar/math stuff. The NET (Nurse Entrance Test) is a little more difficult, but again not that difficult, just buy a NET study guide from Barnes and Noble or any other bookstore and study it for a week or two.

    I think Orlando Tech probably has one of the easiest LPN programs to get into.
  4. by   EFDA1
    Thanks for the info, and congrats on being accepted to the program. Do you by any chance know the schedule of the night program?