Nova, Fgcu, Fau, Usf, and Um...

  1. Hi everyone! I hope i get some responses from you all! I am driving myself crazy! Over the past 4 months I have applied to Fau, Fgcu, and Ucf ( i really want to get away from Orlando, but I applied anyway) and have received acceptance letters to just the schools and waiting on the nursing acceptance letters. FAU will be the first that i hear from because the term starts in May, but the others start in the August. Over the next couple of weeks, i will also apply to Nova and Usf, and am waiting to hear word from UM, but that's kinda of out the window because it's way too expensive and i would have to take another class (biology - out of all the other schools, they are the only one that requires it on top of all the other pre-reqs!) Am I the only one in this situation?? Is there anyone else out there that has applied to multiple universities and anticipating the first letter to come in the mail??? I am so anxious and keep getting myself nervous because my gpa is good, but not all that compeititive (3.10). i have all my pre-reqs completed and i will transfer with my AA from a community college here in Orlando. Somebody, Anybody, let me know I'm not alone. If you are waiting, where did you apply and really want to go to???? Thanks in advance!!!:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   Moondance
    Hi Renee,

    The only school I applied to was FAU and I am anxiously awaiting to hear whether or not I'll be attending in May. When I talked to one of the staff at the nursing school, she said we should know something by the end of January. I still check my email and post box everyday just in case though!

    I have my AA and my GPA is 3.70. I would really prefer to go to FAU as it is convenient to where I live but also because every school as a little different criteria. I believe it was at FIU that I would have to retake several classes because they were taken several years back. They also had a communications class that only "they offer". Ridiculous in my opinion. If I don't make it this year, then I will be reapplying to FAU and possibly other schools.

    Best of luck to you! :wink2:
  4. by   Renee4christ
    Wow! you should be good with that gpa. did you already take the HESI exam? i still need to take it and from what they tell me at the school I have until the end of early part of January, so i definetly need to get on it! yeah, FIU was actually the first school i looked into, but you can't apply if you have repeated a science course, and i dropped A&P once, so that disqualifies me. I hate waiting though and i am just as anxious as you are. well, i'll have to keep in touch with you and same on your side and let me know what happens!!!! Good luck
  5. by   Moondance
    Yes, I have already taken the HESI (last month), I didn't think it was bad at all. I purchased the study guide to give me a heads up on the types of questions that would be asked. I thought it was a helpful tool.

    You'll get the scores after each section of the test, so no waiting there to find out how you score.

    Playing the waiting game is tough, isn't it? Exciting but tough. I'll post just as soon as I know... *keeping fingers crossed*
  6. by   Galore
    Yes, I'm playing the waiting game too. FAU is my first choice and I also have my application completed for USF. I want to apply to UCF and UF also just in case, but found out I only have 2 weeks to study and take the GRE and do a bunch of other stuff if I want to apply for UF. The frustrating thing is each school seems to require a different entrance test and it's so time consuming getting everything in order for each. Part of me feels like I have a decent shot at getting in, but the other side says better play it safe and apply as many places as I can!

    Moondance, do you know if everyone at FAU will hear back in January or is that just for the traditional program?
  7. by   Moondance
    Hi Galore,

    I'm glad you asked that because I emailed the school of nursing just before Christmas to ask them when notification letters would be sent out. This time I got a reply that last year the letters were sent out the first week of March. Not really sure why I was told January the first time I had asked, unless that would be a timeframe they wanted to target.

    So I suppose the January timeframe may not happen. I had asked only about the traditional program.Try calling or emailing them and asking about the timeline for the program you are interested in. Hang in there, I know the waiting is hard Keep us posted on any news!
  8. by   Galore
    Oh, had me excited there for a minute! Most of the info I have from FAU says they will contact you in March, but at the information session the lady said maybe February, definitely by March.