New to Florida; Seeking advice

  1. I am an RN who returned to Neonatal ICU two years ago after 15 years apart from it and in Home Care. My husband and I are now in Lake Worth, but we are not tied to the West Palm Beach Region and we are looking all over Florida. I guess I'm lucky in that we have some breathing room.
    I would like some feedback on the best hospitals to work for, and i mean this query from a nursing perspective. I am looking all the way from Miami up to Jupitor, and am also interested in the Gulf Coast. Family is in West Palm and Ocala, but that is sort of irrelevant.
    Are there any NICU or Home Care nurses out there in the Florida forum who would be willing to pen pal with me?
    This is a big change, necessitated by the medical needs of a family member...although we are flexible on area we are commited to florida. Who out there might be willing to help me make the best choice in negotiating foreign territory and choosing and focusing on facility?
    I'll tell you this, i have applied with tenet in the West Palm and Boca region, and despite 21 years experience in nursing, I haven't heard back from them despite their posting positions. Doesn't bode well....I want a place that is responsive to nurses and nursing.
    I'm just hoping that's not too much to ask.
    thanks in advance
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